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     Outstanding customer service. The cleaning was done professionally, promptly, and with great thoroughness. They did an amazing job. Very pleased and will surely use Hainault Cleaners again!
Amaiya S.20/07/2024
     The staff is fantastic to deal with. Terrific service, they identified other issues and resolved them! Appreciate the service.
E. Hinchcliffe10/07/2024
     The team is superb to work with. Extraordinary service, they located other problems and managed them! Thanks for the service.
B. Fletcher10/07/2024
     Exceptional service from start to finish by the easy booking team and the exquisite cleaning crew! Our bathroom is sparkling now!
Eliza S.20/11/2023
     Punctual, amiable, outgoing and understanding - did an outstanding job cleaning the carpets in a jiffy!
William L.25/10/2023
     I can't fault Hainault Carpet Cleaning or the house cleaning service provided by their team. Everything was top-notch.
Iona L19/05/2020
     My parents are getting older and need a little help around the house. I called Hainault Carpet Cleaner to come in once a week to help with their domestic cleaning. Their staff are very courteous and professional. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a good cleaning service.
Emily Mitchell20/09/2019
     HainaultCarpetCleaners is the best thing that has happened to me in terms of services. I am a mother of two and I don't really have much time on my hands to do the entire thorough house cleaning. But the cleaners sent from this company always help me in the most professional way and leave everything sparkly clean behind. Hire them, they are worth every penny!
Michelle T.17/03/2015
     I'm a new mum and between looking after my newborn and catching up on my sleep, I don't have a minute to see to the housework! My partner suggested I hire a cleaning company to come in once a week and help out. So after trawling online and coming up empty, my neighbour recommended HainaultCarpetCleaners, boasting about your reliability, efficiency and discretion. She wasn't wrong! Your cleaner is always friendly and so helpful. She's also very quiet and never wakes the baby! A job well done!
Stacey R.15/01/2015
     I haven't tried any other cleaning companies to be honest but I can say my experience with this one so far has been brilliant. They were delightfully helpful when I called up the first time and explained what needed to be done. I was struggling with the housework due to just having had a baby and I wanted to hygiene in the house to be spot on. Then the price I was given was also within my budget which was very important to me at the moment. I also needed some deep cleaning done and found that HainaultCarpetCleaners had a deep cleaning service which was just what I was looking for. They really helped me out a massive amount.
Carey P.13/08/2014
     I've never been a fan of cleaning and when I moved out I was overwhelmed with how much there was to do and how often it had to be done. I looked into local cleaning companies and I found that HainaultCarpetCleaners were both reputable and affordable! I was really worried that I would either end up splashing out and getting ripped off or paying next to nothing and doing a better job myself. Thankfully my cleaner was well trained and had amazing knowledge as well as coming at a fantastic price. I'm so glad I decided to go with this company!
Aaron D.16/07/2014
     I work away a lot, my husband is home often but he is not the best at keeping on top of the housework duties. When I arrive home after a lengthy time away I find it very stressful when the house is not as I would like, and having to come home and get straight into cleaning is an unbearable thought. My neighbour told me about this cleaning company called HainaultCarpetCleaners and I thought maybe I should give them ago. My home is not that dirty as there's hardly anyone there however things needed doing occasionally and this where I find this company to be ideal for us, my home is fab now.
     Fantastic! This cleaning service clean to high standards, and when I say high standards I really mean it. I am a complete clean freak and since getting a new job and moving in with my messy boyfriend I just don't have time for cleaning and it drives me up the wall if things are not showroom perfect. Well that is actually what HainaultCarpetCleaners can deliver and they do it all for great prices, and the lady who cleans my new home is so lovely that I'd pay her just to come round for a cup of tea. Love my cleaner, love my home!
Sophie R.08/04/2014
     I am a lazy person (I know that doesn't make me sounds good but I'm going to be honest). If any task involves manual labour, chances are I will not do it. This includes cleaning. This is why I was more than pleased to hear about the excellent services offered by HainaultCarpetCleaners. I decided to give them a try and was not disappointed at all. They really are as great as they claim to be. I can now sit around and do all the things I love whilst someone else is cleaning my home for me - what more could I ask for?
Tim Harris27/03/2014
     Having a cleaner in has made my life a lot easier indeed. I never really thought about it until I came out of hospital recently and fell behind on the house work, amongst various other things! HainaultCarpetCleaners have been amazing, and I sort of wish that I'd thought to give them a call ages ago! The team are lovely to have round, and I trust them to respect the house and do a great job, every time.
David Erickson05/03/2014